Sealing Middle Bolt

Wall spacer made from rigid PVC Tube with extra wide contact surface to formwork with an inner diameter of 22m/m and chamfered end pieces. The assembly consists of  the Tube, two end pieces with wide double rims and a serrated labyrinth seal and three plugs for installation after dismantling of the formwork.

In 1909 the first supporting parts were developed in central Europe to assure the correct concrete cover over the reinforcement bars and are now more or less standardized and used worldwide. Within a relatively short time it was understood that the exact definition of the concrete cover depends on the reinforcement and the surroundings, and that the form and type of spacers used are of significant importance in respect to the durability of reinforced concrete structures.
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These are used mainly to aid during formwork installation to improve the quality of the concrete structure.

Examples of the various applications are: thruty cones and sleeves, sealing middle bolts, distance holders, chamfers, sealing tape etc ...

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